How we started?

Vikas and Arjun are childhood friends. Inspired from Rich Dad Poor Dad since the beginning of career, they always had a dream of starting a business- what business? They had no idea!

In the mids of their career, Vikas, after successfully becoming a Company Secretary, worked with a couple of MNC's in Pune and then moved to Mumbai for taking up a job in investment Bankig. After working for a year, the love for Pune and teaching brought him back. He partnered in CS classes and established a strong name. However, the drive to do something more and with food remained.

Mean while Arjun, after completing his Engineering, went to the United States to pursue his MBA from Boston. Later he moved to Las Angeles, CA for the job where he worked as WFM Lead in a multinational. While working in a palatial office, the bug of starting a business from scratch was still alive.

They had life changing call on growing demand of Mexican food in India. The call ended with most actionable words lets do it. Arjun quit his job and came back to India. Their dream is transformed into a reality, where you can visit now..

PapaZapata it is!